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If you are making the same journey twice a week or more, a Season Ticket may be the best value ticket for you.  There are several types of Season Ticket that may be suitable for you, all offering unlimited journeys between the stations shown.

Season Ticket Calculator can find the price for your Season Ticket and pass you to a retailer to buy.


Season Tickets
Flexi Season Tickets are valid for 28-days and allow travel on any 8 days within that period. If all 8 days are used before the end of the 28-day period, another Flexi Season Ticket can be purchased at any time which will be valid for a further 28-days.

Customers travelling 3 days per week
If you are travelling 3 days per week, you will need more than one Flexi Season Ticket in a month. Flexi Season Tickets are valid for up to 28 days so any days travel unused can be used in the following calendar month. This is not reflected in the Calculator when a 3 day per week work pattern is selected for an odd number of months (i.e. 1, 3, 5 etc).

For a comparable Price per Day, please select an even (i.e. 2, 4, 6 etc) number of months.

7-Day Season Tickets are valid for any consecutive 7 days and may save money if you are travelling three or more times a week.

A Monthly Season Ticket is valid for a full calendar month, and if you need a longer period you can ask for the specific number of months and additional days needed, creating your own Custom Season Ticket ‑ all at the same discounted rate

If you are going to be buying Monthly (or equivalent) tickets for 10 months or more, an Annual Season Ticket will give you an even bigger saving ‑ valid for a full calendar year, you effectively get 12 weeks' free travel.

Cost per Day
The Season Ticket Calculator can work out on average what the cost per day of travel equates to, based on your answers to how many days per week you plan to travel and how long you need a Season Ticket for. The more you travel, the better value for money a Season Ticket is.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all journeys will have a Flexi Season Ticket and there are other Tickets that can be used for commuting available directly from retailers.

This calculator is currently restricted to the Season Tickets set out in 'Season Tickets' (see right)

Season Ticket prices on this calculator reflect current fares. When you buy a Season Ticket you get to travel at the current price for the whole validity of your Season Ticket, regardless of any future price increase during its validity.
Unless it is a Travelcard, Season Ticket prices may not always include cross London or Underground travel. See 'London Area Travelcard Seasons' or 'Travelling to, from, or via London' pages for more information.
PLEASE NOTE: the Flexi Season ticket ‘Total period cost’ if you select 1 Year is based on 12 x Flexi Season tickets, as the majority of commuters are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave plus bank holidays.

You will need to be able to produce a Photocard to buy most Season Tickets. These are issued free of charge from staffed National Rail ticket offices and you must provide a recent passport-type photograph of yourself. Season Tickets held on a smartcard or other media may not require a Photocard. This will be made clear when you purchase your Season Ticket.


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