Terms & Conditions - Anytime and Anytime Day 


1. Description

1.1 Anytime fares are fully flexible walk-up tickets with no restrictions on when you can travel.

2. Availability

2.1 Tickets can be bought in advance or immediately before travel.

3. Discounts

  • Children (aged 5 to 15 inclusive): 50% discount. Up to two children aged under 5 can travel free with each fare paying passenger
  • 16-17 Saver holders: 50% discount

4. Railcard discounts (see note below):

  • 16-25 Railcard: 34% discount on Standard Class fares
  • 26-30 Railcard: 34% discount on Standard Class fares
  • Disabled Persons Railcard: 34% discount on Standard & First Class fares
  • Family & Friends Railcard: 34% discount on Standard Class fares
  • HM Forces Railcard: 34% discount on Standard & First Class fares
  • Network Railcard (London & South East): 34% discount on Standard Class fares
  • Senior Railcard: 34% discount on Standard & First Class fares

5. Other discount cards (see note below):

  • Gold Card (London & South East): 34% discount on Standard Class fares
  • JobCentre Plus Travel Discount Card: 50% discount on Standard Class fares 

Note: Minimum fares / time restrictions may apply to tickets bought with a Railcard or other discount card. See terms and conditions of the appropriate Railcard or discount card for details. 

6. When and where the ticket can be used

6.1 Anytime Day (Single and Return) tickets must be used on the date shown on your ticket and up to 04:29 the following day.

6.2 Anytime Single must be used within 2 days of the date shown on the ticket and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity.

6.3 For Anytime Return tickets, the outward journey must be made within 5 days and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity; the return portion must be used within one calendar month and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity.

6.4 If the route shown on the ticket has a †, the ticket includes the cost of travelling between certain London Stations (e.g. between Liverpool St and Paddington) by either London Underground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) or Thameslink services appropriate to the route of the journey being made.

More information about Travelling across London to connect with another National Rail service

Note: Tickets will only be accepted by London Underground and DLR on the date shown on the ticket (or last day of validity for return portions of Off-Peak Returns) and until 04:29 the following day. - Other than to change trains, a break of journey at intermediate London Underground or DLR stations is NOT permitted.- Travel restrictions do not apply on weekends and public holidays.

7. Conditions of use

7.1 You must travel in the class of accommodation shown on your ticket.

7.2 Railcard holders travelling on a discounted ticket must carry their Railcard when they travel. If a Railcard holder fails to produce their valid Railcard with their ticket, they will be required to pay a full priced ticket for their journey as if no Railcard and/or no ticket were held.

7.3 The outward part of an Anytime Return ticket is only valid for travel when accompanied by an unused return part of the same ticket.

7.4 First Class Anytime tickets provide access to First Class Lounges at stations. Please check the First Class on National Rail page for more information.


Seat reservations are not compulsory with Anytime or Anytime Day tickets but you can reserve a seat on many longer distance services and reservations are recommended on busy services. Please note that some train services are designated as reservation only, regardless of ticket held.

8. Break of journey

8.1 You may start, break and resume, or end your journey at any intermediate station along the route of travel.

9. Changing the time or date of travel

9.1 There are no restrictions on when you can travel, however you will need to buy a new ticket and apply for a refund on your existing ticket (see below) if you wish to change:

  • the date of your single ticket or outward travel (for a return ticket)
  • the route of your ticket
  • downgrade from First Class to Standard class accommodation  

9.2 You can upgrade your ticket upon payment of an excess fare, if you wish to:

  • continue your journey to a station further than where you have purchased your ticket
  • upgrade to First Class

9.3 It may be possible to change your ticket in other situations without having to apply for a refund and buying a new ticket - please ask at the booking office for more information.

10. Refunds

10.1 Your ticket is refundable.

10.2 If you decide not to use your ticket to make all or part of your intended journey then you can get a refund by returning your unused ticket to the ticket office or place of purchase (for tickets bought via websites, telesales or travel agents) within 28 days of the ticket expiry date. You may be required to pay an administration fee.

10.3 The refund amount will normally take into account any use you have made of the ticket and in some circumstances no refund will be paid.

10.4 All tickets and travel are subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

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