How is NRE Organised and Funded?

National Rail Enquiries offers services on behalf of Great Britain's franchised and open access Train Companies.


The head of each National Rail Enquiries team reporting to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive reports to Rail Delivery Group Board and the Chief Executive of Rail Delivery Group.


The Association of Train Operating Companies Limited is formed of a number of schemes to manage particular items of business (such as through ticketing, NRE and Rail Staff Travel) where the train operating companies are required to work together. National Rail Enquiries is such a scheme.

All scheme members (train operating companies, open access operators, freight operating companies and Network Rail) make a financial contribution to the service, depending on the number of passenger using the services of the scheme. The schemes are governed by their own independent councils, which elects management groups to handle the day-to-day operations of the Scheme.

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Last updated:   29 October 2019