Alerts (National Rail website)

Our alerting service, lets you receive messages if your train is late or has been cancelled and you can choose whether you want to receive your alerts by SMS, Email or Twitter.


Additionally, we have created a new functionality within the National Rail app, which notifies you of your next train, platform number and any delays as you are arriving at your station. For further information about the new functionality, click here.

There are many reasons that can cause delays or disruption to your journey. You can read more on why trains are delayed and their causes on our delays explained page.

Delay Alerts only

This Alert lets you know when your selected train(s) is delayed, based on your preference when setting up the alert. The benefit of this Alert is that you can arrive later and spend less time waiting at the station.

Disruption Alerts only

This Alert lets you know when there is disruption to services on your selected route. The benefit of this Alert is that you can make an informed decision on your travel plans.

Receive All Alerts

This Alert combines the benefits of both Delay Alerts and Disruption Alerts enabling you to be fully informed at all times. 

How to Subscribe

Signing up for alerts is easy, once you've registered your details on the National Rail Enquiries, just follow these simple steps:

Select which of the above alerts you would like to receive and enter your journey details

  1. Choose which trains(s) you would like to receive the alert for
  2. Decide how you would like to receive your alert eg. email, Twitter
  3. Fill out your alert details - which days would you like to receive it on and for how long? How long before your train is due to depart would you like it?
  4. Check and confirm your alerts

 You can set up your alerts here.

How to Unsubscribe

Changing or deleting your alert is easy, click on the 'Alerts' link from the 'My Account' area of the National Rail Enquiries website - this will show all your current alerts.

  • To stop an email or Twitter alert, click 'delete this alert'
  • To stop text alerts, send 'STOP ALL' to 64950
  • To change an alert, delete the existing alert, and then click 'set up new alert' and repeat the setting up process

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Last updated:   01 June 2020