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The names of tickets describe when you can buy or use your ticket, making it easy for you to buy the best value ticket for your journey. Click on the ticket types below for more information.
Advance Bought in advance of travel, sold in limited numbers and subject to availability. These tickets are only valid on the date/train specified and cannot be refunded if you change your mind.
Off-Peak Buy any time, travel off-peak. Refundable for a fee if you change your mind.
Anytime Buy any time, travel any time. Refundable for a fee if you change your mind
Season Unlimited travel between two stations for a specified period.
Rovers and Rangers Unlimited travel within a specified area. There may be a few time restrictions on when you can travel.

If you are travelling around London, take a look at London and Oyster pages.

Last updated:   09 November 2020