Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment method using contactless technology. Payments can now be made on most National Rail (including London Overground and TfL Rail) services in the Oyster Pay As You Go area, as well as the Bus, Tube, London Trams and DLR.

Apple Pay uses unique security features built into the devices you have with you every day, so you can use your iPhone (6, 6 Plus, 6S or 6S Plus or later) or Apple Watch to pay in a simple, secure and private way.

To use Apple Pay to make contactless payments, customers are required to first link a valid credit or debit card to their Wallet app. You will then be able to use their device to make contactless payments.

To prevent fraud, your card details are not stored on your apple device, and each payment is made using an encrypted code. 

How does Apple Pay work?

Transactions are made by touching your Apple Pay device onto a contactless payment terminal or validator.


With iPhone (starting from 6S or iPhone 6S Plus), there is no need to open an app or wake your display thanks to the innovative Near Field Communication antenna. To pay, just hold the iPhone near the contactless reader or validator with your finger on the Touch ID. A subtle 'beep' and vibrate will alert you to when your payment has been accepted.

Apple Watch

To pay with Apple Watch, just double-click the side button and hold the display of Apple Watch to the contactless reader or validator. A tap and beep will confirm that your payment information was sent.

Please remember to tap in and out with the same device at the contactless readers to ensure you pay the correct fares. Please do not switch between contactless payment card, iPhone or Apple Watch mid-journey or you may be charged maximum fare. 

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my Apple Pay device runs out of battery?

Please ensure you have enough battery on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete your journey. Should your device run out of battery mid-journey you will not be able to tap out and will be charged a maximum fare. If an inspector with a contactless terminal asks you to tap your Apple Pay device after the battery has died, please be aware that you could be liable for a Penalty Fare.

Can I add Apple Pay to a TFL Online Account?

You are able to input your Apple Pay details into your TfL online account. This will enable you to:

  • Get email alerts if there‚Äôs an issue with your device which may prevent you from traveling.
  • Apply for refunds for incomplete journeys
  • Download payment and journey history
  • Pay unpaid fares

See for details on how to set up a new account and register your device

Can I have a Season Ticket, child rate Ticket or Railcard discount added to my Apple Pay device?

No. However customers can still use their Apple Pay devices to purchase a discounted travel ticket from any National Rail ticket office where contactless payments are accepted.

There is also a Monday to Sunday cap if the same device is used for all journeys within the Transport for London Zonal area. See TfL website for details.

Can children travel with Apple Pay and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch?

Yes, customers have to be 12 years old and have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card registered to a UK address linked to their account. There will no child rate discount charged though, only a full Adult fare.

Can customers under 18 get discounted travel across Transport for London (TfL) with an Apple Pay account?

No, Apple Pay customers using their device for their journey will be charged the standard adult fare. Anyone under 18 should contact Transport for London (TfL) for discounted or free travel offers.

Can I use my Apple Pay device on TfL ticket vending machines?

No, you cannot pay on TfL ticket vending machines using your Apple Pay device.

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Last updated:   29 May 2020